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The Spokane Linux User’s Group has been meeting for over 10 years, discussing technology, Linux troubles, and advice. All are welcome to join us for festive Linux discussion over food and beer at Shari’s Restaurant, from the grizzled Unix long-beard to the timid newbie. There are no dues or registration – just drop by!
Meeting Times
Meetings are held the third Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM. They generally run 1½ to 2 hours long.
Find us at Shari’s Restaurant, in the Spokane Valley, on N. Sullivan just south of Valleyway. 320 N Sullivan Rd. Spokane Valley, WA 99037   MAP

Sept 17, 2014

Running the Mint distro, Samba servers, and rooting the Galaxy S3 phone. Nova program “Rise of the Hackers”.  Using HTTPS can keep away “man in the middle” attacks assuming the CA authorities are not compromised. The “outer-net” — free internet from satellites? May start in 2015. Connecting to weather stations for public utility districts — driver code written with Linux.

Richard gave a short presentation on “incron”: trigger action when a file changes. There are some situations, when you need to start an action or run a command when a given file has changed in your file system.
incron :: inotify cron system. This program is an “inotify cron” system. It consists of a daemon and a table manipulator. You can use it a similar way as the regular cron. The difference is that the inotify cron handles filesystem events rather than time periods.


August 20, 2014

Discussion of synchronizing files with Unison and Rsync.

Richard talked about Vagrant: free and open-source software for creating and configuring virtual development environments. It can be seen as a wrapper around virtualization software such as VirtualBox, and around configuration management software such as Chef, Salt or Puppet.

July 16, 2014

Discussions: Developing a new secure web application for credit card transactions that ensures end-to-end security;  Orcas Island; Orange County; Storms + servers and protection with UPS systems; Rathdrum Days this weekend; Palm OS; OwnCloud; Bittorrent Sync; Bitcoin block-chain technology being used for other applications such as messaging systems; wireless trackball / keyboards; the Supreme Court’s 9 to 0 opinion invalidating a software patent claim by Alice Corp; Richard Stallman and the GNU project and his January 2013 speech at University of Michigan:

Issues: a computer not getting to post when you turn it on — requiring another power-down cycle; getting contact lists into your phone; browser speed and loading pictures / content.

Gripes: Ribbon interface.


Dell Projector

The small projector Ben is bringing to the meetings lately for presentations:

Dell M115HD WXGA 1280×800 HDMI USB Inputs w/ 1GB Internal Memory 450 ANSI Lumens Mobile LED Projector



Fan-less mini computer

Ben recently demo’d a fan-less mini computer that could play videos and run several virtual machines at once.

Foxconn Brazos AT-5570 AMD A45 (Hudson D1) 1 x 204Pin AMD Radeon HD 7290 Black Mini / Booksize Barebone System


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